sexta-feira, 25 de abril de 2014

High School Story Cheats

High School Story is a game where you build a school from the ground up , where you can make new friends, throw parties , be in competitions against other schools to see which school is the best, and many other features that makes you have insane amounts of fun! You are the one who commands the school and decide what to build, what to do , you decorate it freely to your wishes and your objective is to make it the best High School ever!

However as you and I both know, it's not easy. You have limited money to build and decorate new stuff , and you have several different currencies like rings and gems, hence why me and my team decided to make this High School Story Hack Tool so that you may never have any money problems and you will get any type of items you've ever wished to have!

Our hack works on both: Android and iOS , we will now explain to you how the hack works.

- Download the hack.
- Execute it in your computer (YOUR PHONE MUST HAVE BLUETOOTH ON)
 - OR Execute it in your phone directy if you prefer. (As an application)
 - Select what type of phone you have, iOS or Android and press "Connect".
- After the hack connects with your phone , select which features you'd like. (Money,Gems, Books , Rings)
- Select the amount and press Start,
- Wait for the loading bar to get to 100%


 Total Downloads: 19258

Does the Hack work?

Yes:                                                         (1,235 Votes)
No:                                                          (120 Votes)

We have updated the hack on this page today, .